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Getting commercial truck insurance might seem like a big hassle, but it’s something you need to do to make sure your business and your family stays protected. Where do you start? What do you do first? Getting cheap truck insurance is as easy as picking up the phone and giving us at MyTruckInsurance.Online a call.  Our job is to help people like you get the best and most affordable truck insurance and save money on your insurance rates.

What exactly is a box truck?

Box trucks are closed-in trucks that are around 13 feet to about 25 feet in length. They have a cab, and the back of the truck – the storage area – opens with a door that rolls upwards. Box trucks are so named because they look like a box on wheels

Are there any other names for box trucks? 

  • Straight truck
  • Box van
  • Cube truck
  • Route truck
  • Box van

What are the recommended coverages for box trucks?

Auto Liability

Liability insurance protects your business by covering the costs you are legally obligated to pay if you cause an accident and someone gets hurt or you damage their property.

Bodily damage liability: Bodily damage liability can help you cover any medical medical expenses, pain and suffering, and the lost wages of someone you’ve injured in a vehicle accident.

Property damage liability: Propert damage liability can cover the expense of repairing or replacing a vehicle (or some other kind of property like fence or other structure) that get’s damaged in an accident for which you are found responsible.

Physical Damage Coverage

Collision Coverage: Collision coverage helps you get your truck back in service ASAP if it’s damaged in an accident or by a collision with some other object.

Comprehensive Coverage: Comprehensive can help you get your tractor trailer repaired if its damaged by something other than a vehicle accident. Usually this covers things like theft, fires, vandalism, and objects falling out of the sky (like storms or falling trees.)

Non-Trucking Liability

This insurance covers your box truck when they’re on the road, but not on a job or dispatch.

Truckers General Liability

Truckers general liability can cover the costs or damages that you are legally obligated to pay to someone that you injure or to someone to whom you cause property damage because of the business you do.

Cargo Insurance

Cargo coverage covers the freight or the load that you are hauling against vehicular accidents and other disasters like fire or theft. This way, if something happens to your cargo while you are on the road, you’re covered. Make sure to ask your agent about other types of cargo insurance, including earned freight, reefer, and trailer interchange.

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